Spark Scholarship in Turkey Call is Open

Scholarship Selection Criteria


The deadline for applications for the SPARK Scholarship in Turkey is June 16 2017, 23:59 h.

To apply for the scholarship please use the link below:


The aim of the SPARK scholarship scheme is to assist educational institutions in Jordan, KRG, Lebanon and Turkey with their response strategy amid the Syrian crisis, to contribute to the study and career prospects of Syrian refugees in these neighbouring countries, and to help build community cohesion.)

Suitable candidates for the scholarship scheme are motivated Syrian students with promising pre-qualification profiles who want to play an active and meaningful role in their communities, either in their host countries or in the future reconstruction of Syria. The SPARK scholarship scheme can be used for a number of selected institutes in Turkey. Gaziantep University, Harran University, and Mustafa Kemal University are our current partners.

The SPARK scholarship scheme is a contribution to the costs of selected programmes as well as subsistence support. The course fees are covered in the above-mentioned countries. In some countries, additional allowances will be covered and are considered to be sufficient to cover one person’s living expenses during one year of studies at the time. The scholarship holders must cover any additional costs from their own resources. For some programmes, scholarship holders may be asked to cover part of the tuition fees from their own resources. The scholarship is only intended for the duration of the course or programme, and guaranteed only one year at the time, for which the candidate has been selected. Successful candidates will be informed about total size of the scholarship upon announcement of the results.

Eligibility criteria

• Applicant should have successfully completed secondary schooling and is not above 24 years old by the time of applying for the scholarship.
• Applicants should have an Equivalent Certificate issued by the Ministry of (Higher) Education of the current country of residency (for more information about the Equivalent Certificate please check the FAQ page).
• The applicant should be Syrian or Syrian Palestinian and a holder of a valid ID Card or valid Passport or a temporary governmental protection ID/ Residency Permit or completed registration with UNHCR as a documented refugee.
• Applicant should apply for SPARK scholarships available only in their current country of residence.
• Applicant does not have sufficient financial means to pursue higher education.
• Applicant has not been approved for any type of resettlement, either the UNHCR or any other resettlement organization.

Selection Criteria

•Dependents/financial situation
• Motivation. The applicant has to demonstrate a solid link between his/her educational background and the selected course and be motivated to actively engage within the community. The applicant should also describe his or her financial motivation (check: ‘dependents’ in application form)
• Special needs
• Academic profile: grades.

Other factors that might apply

• Gender (50% females and 50% males will be selected)
• Language proficiency in speaking and writing the language of instruction.
• Additional selection criteria may apply (varies per country).
• 10% Orphans

The deadline for applications for the SPARK Scholarship in Turkey is June 16 2017, 23:59 h.
Should you have any inquiries, Please contact SPARK Help Desk: +905387983032.  Available hours for call inquiry:  from 10.00 to 12.00  on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday; from 14.00 to 16.00 on  Wednesday and Friday. (Turkish local time)


To apply for the scholarship please use the link below:

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