İnsan Kaynaklarının Geliştirilmesi Operasyonel Programı Yıllık Hibe Planı 2015

WORK PROGRAMME FOR GRANTS-2015 of the European Union Coordination Department of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security for TURKEY

– Improving the Quality of Vocational Education and Training and Vocational Skills of Young People (Direct Award)

1 th quarter of 2015, 15.000.000 €

– Strengthening National Vocational Qualifications System and Implementing the Turkish Qualifications Framework Operation (Direct Award)

4 th quarter of 2015, 5.480.715 €

– Voc-Test Centers-II (Grant Scheme)

1 st quarter of 2015, 4.500.000 €

– Supporting Registered Employment of Women Through Home-Based Child Care Services (Direct Award)

1 th quarter of 2015, 39.625.600 €

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