GIZ Call for Letter of Expression of Interest: Construction Works of Water Supply System

Call for Letter of Expression of Interest, Construction works of Water Supply System for Refugees Camps, ISP`s and Receiving Communities  in Dohuk Governorate / Northern Iraq


Construction Companies required

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH intends to construct a new Water Supply System for Refugees Camps, ISP`s and Receiving Communities within Dohuk Governate / Northern Iraq.

Objective of the project is to improve the water supply in the southern areas of Dohuk City and the Faida region including 5 refugee camps and 3 communities. The work includes the construction of water intake from Mossul Lake, water treatment plant, pumping stations and 17,5 km water transmission lines.

The whole project will be separated into Construction Lots described as follows:

LOT 1 – Water intake and Water Treatment Plant

  • Floating intake for 4-6 pumps
  • 500 m PE pipe from floating intake to water treatment plant
  • 50,000 m³/d water treatment plant (inlet and distribution chamber, flocculation tank, filtration unit, disinfection, clear water tank)
  • pumping station (four pumps à 710 kW each)

LOT 2 – Construction of Water Transmission Line

  • laying of 17, 5 km steel pipeline, ND 300 – ND 1200, steel pipes with butt-weld joint for drinking water, certificated/approved welders are required
  • 75,000 m³ excavations and backfilling

Lot 3 – Construction of Drinking Water Reservoir

  • construction of 11.500 m³ concrete drinking water reservoir (approx. 7,000 m³ concrete, 550 t steel)

LOT 4 – Installation of Electricity Supply for Water Treatment Plant

  • Installation of 12 km 33 kV line with poles, transformers and sub-stations

GIZ  considers to assign the complete package of construction to one company but awards of single LOT’s to single construction companies is possible as well. Applicants must mention their interests either in the complete construction package or single construction LOT’s with indication of LOT numbers.

Duration of Construction

The duration of construction until completion is estimated with 14 month. Due to the large amount of measures implementation to do shift work is required.

Interested construction companies are kindly requested to express their interest for the above mentioned project. Please send a Letter of Interest (LoI) with following documents:


  • Introduction of the firm and/or the consortium applying
  • Provide the copies of original documents defining the constitution or legal status, place of registration (Company Certificate), principal place of business and written power of attorney of the signatory (ID of Ministry of Planning), all documents should be updated. Provide the copies of original documents showing registration with Contractor Union
  • Grading of Contractor: Category 1-4 is required. Please provide evidence
  • Provide references of accomplished construction projects of the last four (4) years.
  • Provide the total value of construction work performed for each of the last four (4) years.
  • Statements of financial capacity showing annual turnover within the last three (3) years (Statement of turnover or annual tax statement of the last three (3) years).
  • In case of advanced payment released by GIZ respective bank guarantee is requested from Construction Company. Provide evidence up to which value (USD) and name of bank contractor is able to submit a bank guarantee.
  • Submit details of construction equipment necessary to carry out the project
  • Provide short CVs (max. 5 pages) about the envisaged key staff to carry out the services.
  • Provide proven evidence of adequacy of working capital preferable of a private bank of this assignment.
  • Provide numbers of own employees (craftsmen) and machinery (truck, crane, wheel loader, excavator etc.)
  • Provide Affidavit that the firm has not been black listed by any Government, Semi -Government & private institute nor involved in any litigation in the current or during the last two (2) years must be recently released.


Interested candidates should submit the requested documents and the full contact details of their company until 24.08.2017 12:00 the following address;


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH 

GIZ Office Ankara

Aziziye Mah.

Pak Sok. No. 1/101

06540 Çankaya – Ankara

Processing No: 83264832

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