Bulgaristan’da Kısa ve Uzun Dönem AGH Gönüllüleri Aranıyor

EVS project “Creative Inclusion” organized by HO – International Youth Center and SO – S&G

The objective is to empower young people from different backgrounds, different cultures for their future life and career.
During this EVS volunteers will have a unique chance to experience the whole process of development and implementation of programs and projects human rights, peace-building, gender issues and youth, as through volunteering in our NGO’s, they will be involved in a wide range of different activities taken to deliver a project. Volunteers will be helping with the work in office, helping with the tasks regarding the multimedia, promotion and public relations, preparation and writing of the projects for youth. During the implementation of the projects for youth, they will be included as a part of the organizing team, taking some responsibility for the practical aspects of project management, evaluation and monitoring, as well as for presenting the projects through media and social networks, finding creative ideas to promote projects and disseminate results and visibility of the organizations work, Erasmus + programme and EVS.

Volunteers will help on all programms in our youth center. They will be integrated in the local community, socializing, participating different activities and events, learn and practice new languages.
Volunteers will develop and improve a range of skills and competences during their EVS experience – digital, social and civic, foreign languages and inter-cultural learning and also their cultural awareness will develop and their attitudes toward healthy lifestyles.
On the arrival back home in their country volunteers will use their EVS experience, gained skills and competences in their future work, career, education and personal life.

15.09.2017 – 15.03.2017 – Long term service – 2 volunteers
16.10.2017 – 12.12.2017 – Short term service – 2 volunteers

Volunteers will be placed in Primorsko, Bulgaria (The city is located on Black Sea), where our NGO office is located and during the EVS programs they will be involved on daily activities.